Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Saban pays attention to Auburn

TUSCALOOSA — So Nick Saban says that he doesn’t pay attention to what Auburn does? Well, think again. The Alabama coach chuckled when asked about the Tigers’ 3-2 victory against Mississippi State last weekend. The laughter did not come at the expense of Auburn’s offense, but mostly because of its stellar defensive performance.
Saban talked about the Tigers’ opponents’ third down conversion rate (3-for-46) and said that he has never seen a team with a conversion rate like that three games into the season.
“I’m sure they’ll get their thing straightened out, but when you play good defense, you’re always going to play to keep from losing the game, and that’s probably a good way to win a lot of them,” Saban said.
• WILDER WATCHES PRACTICE: Olympic boxing heavyweight bronze medalist Deontay Wilder watched the end of Alabama’s practice Tuesday. Saban introduced Wilder, a Tuscaloosa native, to the team following practice.
— Josh Cooper

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