Sunday, November 2, 2008

LSU coach Miles happy he's not in Saban's position

TUSCALOOSA — LSU coach Les Miles said can’t imagine what it would be like to coach against a team he had an emotional bond with. He never has, but he almost did. In 2006, LSU could have played the Michigan Wolverines, Miles’ alma mater, in the Rose Bowl, had Florida not gone to the national championship game that year. Instead, LSU played Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl.
“When it fell through I can't tell you how happy I was,” Miles said. “I just was relieved. It would not have been something I would have enjoyed.”
• TIDE STRUGGLE THROUGH AIR: Within its dominating 35-0 victory, Alabama did have one trouble spot — it’s ability to pass the ball with consistency.
Quarterback John Parker Wilson completed 15 of 28 passes for 152 yards. He was also picked off in the end zone for his fourth interception this season.
“We didn’t throw the ball like we are used to,” Wilson said.
Added Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban, “I think they played a little bit of a match-up coverage at times and that forced (John Parker) to hold the ball. And they played man-to-man a few times and our guys didn’t get away from them as well as we need to.”
• TIDE WON’T FORGET LOSS TO LA.-MONROE: Even with Alabama’s victory against the Red Wolves, the signs representing the Crimson Tide’s 2007 loss to Louisiana-Monroe will remain throughout Alabama’s football complex.
While the Tide might have dominated Arkansas State, Saban said he wants to continue sending a message to his team. But he understands that there are more players who follow his program than last year, and that has lent to Alabama’s undefeated record.
“We have more guys getting it,” Saban said. “We’re starting to develop that attitude of ‘Be as good as you can be,’ and ‘Don't play to your opponent.’”
• TIDE STILL HEALTHY: As it has most weeks this season, Alabama came out of Saturday’s game with Arkansas State in relatively good health.
Running back Glen Coffee bruised his bicep and fellow back Mark Ingram bruised his knee on his 17-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter. Saban said that both injuries were nothing major.
— Josh Cooper

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Jrwhiterabbit said...

It's an amazing thing to hear you guys recount the loss last year of Bama to LA Monroe. It must have meant way more to you guys than us....I forgot that we lost to them.

Well if it's all the same to you...We are glad you have Miles and we have that works out perfect. ..You know you guys act like your the first to win a c championship or two. You are correct that those belong to les miles but I will never believe he really was completely responsible for the development and talent. But then again if I agreed I would not be the typical Alabama fan.

We will one day play you head to head with your recruits. And we will beat you like a drum. Until all Saban's recruits are gone and you guys have your own talent that you have been responsible for is really not a true picture of what you will have to work with .. You can tell by this year were decent and with next year there will be less and less hold and less to remind you to be angry...If miles stays at LSU after next year ...I feel safe to say he won't be there in 5. Ask Turberville and Fat Phil what it is like to go from Hero to Zero....But I am an SEC fan too and will pull for the SEC team if Bama is not playing. But you can bet after the little hanging the Mock Saban up and burning him like the KKK ...gonna be a cold day in hell before I really want to see you win. ...

oh and before I forget....ROLL TIDE! YOU KNOW Saban did not leave you guys to come coach at Bama. He went to Miami and then to Bama...So really this thing between Bama and LSU should be what it always has been. A good SEC game . Every one talks about Saban makes so much money...and I hear Coach miles makes more...I have Coach Sabans contract on my web site at word press if you want the specifics. you can get to it by the usual www stuff and absolutelyalabamafootball .wordpress ...It's down at the bottom in the blog roll. Anyway, until next year.